Fakhrul Adam Cruz’s (centre) towel is worth its weight in silver.-NSTP/ pic courtesy of MOM

NEW CLARK CITY, Philippines: Fakhrul Adam Cruz’s towel is worth its weight in silver.

The kurash opponent wrestled his way to the -90kg silver in a surprise win today in the Sea Games.

Kurash originated from folk wrestling, which is practised in Central Asia. Wrestlers use towels to hold their opponents, and their goal is to throw them off the feet.

Relating how he became involved in the sport, Fakhrul, who is half Filipino, said he had to wrestle his friend before it was decided who will take up kurash or judo.

Fakhrul lost and kurash became his sport while his friend took up judo.

“My friend and I could not decide who was to venture into kurash and who into judo, so we had a wrestling match to decide. I'm glad now that I lost!” said Fakhrul.

His brother, Yusuf Daniel, is also in the Philippines, and Fakhrul’s message to him is: “Win something or don't come home!”