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Lawn bowler Auni Fathiah Kamis (left) in action during Round 1 at Clark City yesterday.

The Malaysian lawn bowlers safely checked into three finals after Round 1 yesterday, signalling their strength in the Southeast Asian region.

The men’s triples and women’s pairs and fours are on course to win five out of six gold on offer. The other three, men’s pairs and fours as well as women’s triples will know their fate by today whether they are in line for gold.

“Even though the playing field was not even, and there was more sand than grass, our players managed to read their lines well to get closest to the jack,” said team manager Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Zain.

All the countries had difficulties adapting to the bumpy arena, but the Malaysians were better prepared as they had trained on difficult surfaces in Malaysia.

“Even with three in the finals, I’m still not happy with the way some of them played (yesterday). They need to improve on their concentration and confidence,” said Syed Zainal.

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