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SINGAPORE: An Australian man imprisoned in Singapore for assaulting airport police officers and other offences during a two-week drunken binge was sentenced to additional jail time by the High Court on Tuesday.

Jason Peter Darragh, 44, who was due to be released from prison this weekend, was sentenced to an additional two months after prosecutors appealed against his original 6-1/2 month sentence.

“The sentence... is woefully inadequate and ignores the needs of general deterrence“, said prosecutors in their appeal.

Darragh had pleaded guilty to four charges at the Singapore State Courts last month, including one count of using criminal force.

The court was told the misdemeanours began on April 20 at Singapore’s Changi Airport when Darragh assaulted a policeman while on a stopover en route to Cebu, Philippines.

The next day, Darragh was charged for causing “annoyance” to a member of the public at the city-state’s party district and for using “abusive words” to a police officer.

He was finally charged on May 1 with “causing annoyance” to a woman by “loitering” around a taxi stand with his hand over his crotch. --Reuters