According to local media reports, a family of three people have been seriously injured in a knife attack near the Prater park. The motive of the attack is unknown and the police is still searching for the attacker. EPA-EFE

VIENNA: Four people were seriously injured in two knife attacks in one district of the Austrian capital Vienna on Wednesday evening but any motive or connection between the assaults was unclear, a police spokesman said.

The stabbings - the first of which took place at 7:45 p.m. (1845 GMT), occurred in Vienna’s Second District, which includes the famous Prater park as well as the Praterstern transport hub. It also houses much of Vienna’s small Jewish community.

“A man attacked a family - a father, a mother and their 17-year-old daughter - with a knife. The three people were seriously injured and their lives are in danger,” the spokesman said.

Police search the area near Schuettelsstrasse in Vienna, following the knife attack near the Prater park. EPA-EFF

“And half an hour later there was another attack ... at Praterstern and here a person was also seriously injured and their life is in danger. We do not know to what extent there is a connection here and any motive remains unclear,” he said.

Asked what was known about an assailant, he added: “Absolutely nothing. We know we are looking for a man.”

Vienna has not experienced deadly attacks by Islamist militant like the ones that have struck Paris, Berlin and Brussels since 2015. --REUTERS

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