A drowsy ride-hailing driver may never sleep again after he triggered a nightmarish crash in China, recently. Pic courtesy of Facebook

Scroll down for video: Footage is extremely graphic. viewer discretion is advised

A DROWSY ride-hailing driver may never sleep again after he triggered a nightmarish crash in China, recently.

Footage from a rear-view mirror camera showing the traffic accident in jarring detail has also kept the internet awake, albeit belatedly – the crash occurred in mid-January, but the video clip has only just gone viral.

The one-minute-and-twenty-second footage shows the ride-hailing driver clearly struggling with sleepiness as he steers his car through highway traffic. For the first ten seconds, he drives with half-closed eyes and a slack-jawed mouth.

Suddenly, the car’s passenger shouts a warning and braces for a crash as the driver is jolted awake and tries to apply the brakes – but it is too late.

A series of explosive sounds is heard and the screen goes momentarily blank, before we see jerky, spasmodic scenes of the front of the car literally breaking apart. The car may have spun or tilted before coming to a complete stop – with the rear view camera bouncing from what is left of the car’s ceiling. The vehicle has come to rest at a right angle to the highway, blocking two of its lanes.

The driver is conscious, but dazed and blood is seen dripping from a wound above his left eyebrow. Clearly in shock, he looks around him and notices that much of the front of the car has been ripped off. He continues to gaze at his shattered surroundings in disbelief.

On the right side of the frame, amidst scattered traffic cones, several traffic workers in yellow reflective vests appear to be tending to other injured victims of the collision. It is not known how many vehicles were involved in the accident or how many people were injured or killed.

The fate of the driver’s passenger is also not known.

Meanwhile, vehicles stream quietly by along the single unobstructed lane of the highway, with the passengers no doubt rubbernecking and thanking their lucky stars they managed to escape a similar fate.