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A Hamas flag stands on the roof of the house of Palestinian assailant Salah Barghouti after it was partially demolished by Israeli forces in the village of Kobar near Ramallah, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, on April 17. - Israeli forces destroyed the home of the Palestinian who was killed during his attempted arrest on suspicion of carrying out a December shooting. Seven people were wounded in the Dec 9 attack near the Israeli settlement of Ofra in the occupied West Bank, one of them a pregnant woman who gave birth prematurely to a baby who later died. -- Pix: AFP

JERUSALEM: Israel on Friday struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip with tank and aircraft fire after shots were fired at troops on the Israeli side of the border, the army said.

“No injuries to soldiers were reported,” it said in a statement.

Palestinian security sources in Hamas-ruled Gaza told AFP that the Israeli fire hit Hamas military observation posts at three locations along the frontier.

They said there were no reports of Palestinian casualties.

Palestinians in Gaza have for more than a year gathered at least weekly along the border for often-violent protests, calling on Israel to end its blockade of the enclave.

The Israeli statement did not say if there were mass protests taking place at the time of Friday’s incident.

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza later said in a statement that 15 people were wounded by Israeli fire during border demonstrations, including “two paramedics and one journalist.”

It gave no further information.

At least 264 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli forces since the protests began.

The majority were killed during clashes, with others hit by tank fire or air strikes.

Two Israeli soldiers have been killed over the same period.

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