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(File pix) Surface ruptures and offsets caused by yesterday's magnitude 7.1 earthquake are seen as the sun sets along State Route 178 between Ridgecrest and Trona California on June 6, 2019. AFP Photo

THOUSANDS of bees have been shown dead on the ground after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck California on Saturday.

The shocking footage shows social media influencer Khalil Underwood outside his house, amid a mass of the dead insects on July 6.

He zooms close to the ground to reveal the plight of the bees and the masses of carcasses that cover much of the ground in front of him.

“This is crazy. I've never witnessed anything like this,' Underwood exclaims. 'Look how many f***ing bees are on the f***ing floor from the earthquake.”

He pointed to some that were still alive, appearing to shake and buzz on the ground as well as the struggle he had while moving his car.

Underwood claims the bees “vibrated, buzzed and died” as a result of the earthquakes.

Scientists have previously noted that animals and insects act strangely in the lead up to an earthquake, but do not know why, according to the US Geological Survey.

While scientists know creatures are able to recognise earthquakes before humans, the mechanisms explaining how and why they happen “still elude us” they wrote.

One study in Northern Taiwan that monitored insect populations over a period when a 7.3 and 6.8 earthquake hit, noted “large declines” in the number of individual insects and also individual species.

But in their three-year study, they found that insects mainly living underground near to water were affected, as well as those inhabiting aquatic sediment.

Underhill had tweeted the night before: “YO THE BEES ARE FREAKING OUT AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE WE JUST HAD!!!!! Theres like 70 on the floor just buzzing & dying.”

Later in a tweet, his estimations increased from 70 to thousands and then millions, as he claimed, “I wasn't exaggerating or joking last night.”

In Saturday's video, Underwood said: “Alright last night I said there was like a million bees on the floor and nobody believed me. Y'all couldn't see it in the dark. This is what I f***ing meant.”

The unusual event occurred after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck southern California, the worst the state has experienced in two decades.

The second consecutive day of earthquakes caused fires to break-out in Ridgecrest.

The earthquake struck 11 miles off the north-northeast of Ridgecrest at 8.19pm PST on Friday, close to where a 6.4 earthquake had hit the morning before.

More than 250 smaller magnitude aftershocks had also hit during the 36 hours between earthquakes according to the US Geological Survey.

Four structures caught fire, and there were reports of damage to roads, the Sacramento Bee reported. – Daily Mail

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