Residents place flowers for victims of a fire which hit the Kyoto Animation studio building the day before, killing 33 people, in Kyoto on July 19, 2019. - Japanese police are investigating a suspected arson that killed 33 people in one of the country's deadliest apparent crimes in decades, with the motive for the blaze still unclear. AFP

TOKYO: Japanese police have identified the man suspected to have started a fire at an animation studio that killed 33 people as Shinji Aoba, public broadcaster NHK said on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Kyoto Animation company building where did not have any sprinklers or indoor hydrants installed since they were not legally required by the fire code, a Kyoto Fire Department official said.

The official said that because the building was classified as an "office", it was not required to have such equipment.

An October inspection of the building found that fire extinguishers and emergency alarms were installed as required. — REUTERS