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Russian president Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan checking out the cockpit of Su-57 jet fighter. -- Courtesy pic
Russian president Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan checking out the cockpit of Su-57 jet fighter. -- Courtesy pic

MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin has used the MAKS 2019 aviation and space exhibition to enhance defence cooperation with Turkey and China.

The two are Russia’s strongest allies and Putin is on full gear showcasing his country’s achievements in its aircraft industry, the technical capabilities of its latest-generation equipment and new opportunities for mutual benefits.

The presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and top brass from China’s military at the opening of MAKS 2019, further demonstrated the strong bilateral ties.

Putin and Erdogan agreed to neutralise terrorist nests in Idlib, Syria and supported the establishment of a new safe-zone along the Syrian-Turkish border.

“I am confident that all our foreign partners and, in particular Turkey and China, will recognise and appreciate Russia’s huge intellectual, research, technological and export potential.

“So, too, are our unique aircraft manufacturing traditions, which make Russia a leader in the global aerospace industry.

“This broad international cooperation and close integration of the projects have enabled our designers and scientists to work on the efficient use of production facilities,” Putin said at the show at the Zhukovsky International Airport.

Russia delivered a second batch of S-400 air defence missiles to Turkey, on Tuesday.

It is now in discussion to supply new radio-warfare equipment and armaments to enhance Turkey’s defence capabilities.

Putin is also pushing for Turkey to acquire the new-generation Sukhoi Su-35 and the ultra-modern Su-57 jet fighters developed by Rostec State Corporation.

Putin reiterated that the MAKS show, 14th in its edition, was destined to gain further recognition as a respected platform for business exchanges, sharing ideas and signing mutually beneficial contracts.

“MAKS has brought together all those interested in the history, present and future of aviation and, as always, it harmoniously combines lucid research and practical content and a vibrant show.

“Russia’s new promising developments include unmanned systems and breakthrough civil aircraft projects such as Rostec’s MC-21 aircraft, and the Mi-38 and Ka-62 helicopters,” he said.

He added that the uniqueness of MAKS 2019 was the historical exhibition of the legendary Soviet-era aircraft that had served battles during World War 2.

“Some of these aircraft have been restored, enabling them to fly again. And of course, MAKS includes a spectacular performance by virtuoso aerobatics teams and demonstration flights of the latest Russian aircraft,” said Putin.

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