A taxi driver is seen resting on his car door while stuck in gridlock as anti-government protesters block Harcourt Road during a rally commemorating the 5th anniversary of the 'Umbrella Revolution' in Hong Kong, China, 28 September 2019. In 2014 a series and sit-ins and protests, nicknamed the 'Umbrella Revolution' or 'Umbrella Movement', began after China's Standing Committee of the National People's Congress issued a decision regarding proposed reforms to the Hong Kong electoral system. Hong Kong has entered its fourth month of mass protests, originally triggered by a now suspended extradition bill to mainland China that have turned into a wider pro-democracy movement. EPA/JEROME FAVRE

HONG KONG: Hong Kong protesters blocked a key road next to the Hong Kong headquarters of China’s People’s Liberation Army on Saturday, just yards from a peaceful pro-democracy rally.

They were shouting obscenities at police, daubing anti-government graffiti on walls of shops and shining lasers at a helicopter that hovered overhead, prompting bursts of pepper spray from the police. - Reuters

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