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A military official was arrested for firing six shots and fleeing after having sex with a masseuse in Phnom Penh

PHNOM PENH: A military official in the Koh Kong district was nabbed after he fired six shots and fled after having sex with a masseuse here.

He had earlier agreed to pay the transgender for the sexual act but later refused and instead took out his gun and fired into the air.

According to the Phnom Penh Post, the 27-year-old suspect was detained by the Por Sen Chey district military police.

Following the arrest, the suspect was handed over to the Phnom Penh Municipal Military Police.

Por Sen Chey district military police commander Seurn Keo Vanthy said police had since completed all procedures and it was up to the Phnom Penh Municipal Military Police to take further action.

Kakab II commune police chief Pea Bros said a man entered the Lyly massage parlour in Por Sen Chey district’s Kakab II commune here at 7.50pm.

The man called a transgender masseuse into a room and agreed to pay for sex, after which he refused to pay.

Bros said because the suspect did not hand the masseuse any money, the transgender masseuse demanded it from him, leading to a scuffle.

“The masseuse found only a small amount of cash in the suspect’s pocket. The suspect refused to hand over any money and attempted to flee, but the masseuse held on to his motorcycle.”

He said the suspect drew out his gun and fired shots into the air while standing in front of the massage parlour.

The gunshots caught the attention of neighbours and the suspect then got on his bike and fled.

“Nobody was injured. The victim said the person was a military official, but I don’t know which unit he belongs to. I saw six shell casings at the scene,” Bros said.

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