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Some 350 policemen are on the drug watch list of the Philippine National Police (PNP). - Reuters/File pic

MANILA: The Philippine National Police (PNP) revealed there are 357 policemen on their drug watch list.

Brigadier-General Bernard Banac said the policemen, including a senior official, would need to undergo validation for a month.

“The 357 concerned rank from patrol officers to a brigadier-general,” he told the Manila Times.

According to PNP chief Archie Francisco Gamboa, the adjudication process would begin soon and the 357 policemen would be referred to regional units.

“An adjudication is a process to establish substantial proof and determine if there is enough to file a case against the suspects. The process may take up to a month,” he said.

Gamboa said the list would be referred to regional and national support units or directorial staff adjudication boards before it would be elevated to the PNP National Adjudication Board for review and recommendation to him.

“The final list would be submitted to President Rodrigo Duterte for approval.

“We are going to process them, adjudicate, validate the information that they are involved (in crimes related to drugs).

“Hopefully, those who are innocent can clear their names, while those who are not will face the full force of the law,” he said.

He added that expertise from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and other intelligence groups would be tapped into for further validation.

He said from 15g of drugs seized per operation, this went up to 86g as of December last year when he was officer in charge.

In the time of his predecessor, General (Rtd) Oscar Albayalde, 762 policemen were monitored for having links to illegal drugs.

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