A reader says she never used her phone’s data during her trip to Mauritius two months ago. FILE PIX

A 71-YEAR-OLD woman was shocked when Maxis charged her RM800 for data usage for her phone during her trip to Mauritius two months ago.

P. Kumari told Actionline that she had never used the data during her trip.

“I raised the issue with Maxis’s Customer Service Department after my return to Malaysia, but they could not resolve it.”

She said she had a similar experience in 2009, when she was in India and her phone bill shot up to RM2,000.

“I did not make a fuss about it because I used the line after an accident then.

“But this time, it’s unfair to charge me as I never used the data, except for SMSes.

“I hope Maxis can look into this matter as I have been a loyal Maxis user and promptly paid my bills all these years,” she said.


A Maxis spokesman told Actionline that the matter was resolved.

“We have contacted her to explain that she was charged pay-per-use for roaming because Maxis does not have a preferred (telco) partner in Mauritius.

“However, Maxis is working towards having a preferred partner in Mauritius in the near future so that our customers can enjoy worry-free data roaming pass there.”