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(File pix) A driver using a Touch’n Go card. Pix by Zulkarnain Ahmad Tajuddin

A complainant from Seberang Prai,  is left in the lurch after his Touch ’n Go card with about RM100 inside broke into two after he accidentally stepped on it. He wants to get a replacement card and wants to know whether he can retrieve the balance from the card.

A Touch ’n Go spokesman said Surendran’s balance can be  refunded upon filing a report with the company.

“He can  make a verbal complaint over the careline first within 24 hours and then send a written letter to notify us about his card. He can even go to selected Touch ’n Go offices and file a damaged card report.”

She said he must to attach a copy of his identification card with the complaint and lost or damaged card report filed at the offices.

“When a complaint is filed, we will investigate, then notify the customer of the outcome, before sending him the credit retrieved from the card via bank account or a cheque, if the amount is above RM200.” She said the process would take about a month.

She added that amounts below RM200 could be claimed on the spot at selected Touch ’n Go office, depending on the nature of the complaint.

Customers must present the damaged card at selected Touch ’n Go offices and fill up their details, including bank account number.

“All new Touch ’n Go cards replaced come with a one-month warranty. If the card is faulty during this period, customers will get a replacement card free of charge, or they must pay RM10.60 for a replacement.”

However, she said, it was not able to transfer credit from the damaged card to the newly replaced card, as the process to redeem the balance from the damaged card took one month, at the most, and may be credited to customers through a bank account provided in the report, or by cash.

“Surendran does not need to worry that his money is lost, as card transactions are tracked at Touch ’n Go. All he needs to do is lodge a report and he will be guided through the process.”

She added that for lost cards, malfunctioning cards, damaged cards and replacement cards, customers can contact the company via website, email [email protected] or call 03-27148888 between 7am and 10pm daily.

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