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A resident in Jinjang Utara wants DBKL to take action against stray dogs seen roaming in his neighbourhood. FILE PIC

A resident in Jinjang Utara, Kuala Lumpur, has complained about the presence of stray dogs in his neighbourhood.

The complainant, who wanted to be known only as Alif, told Actionline that sometimes the dogs would chase motorcyclists or children on bicycles.

“Many of the residents, particularly the elderly and children, are scared as the stray dogs may attack them,” he said.

He said the dogs had also been rummaging through rubbish bins for food at night, making a mess.

“It is an eyesore to see rubbish scattered all over the place the next morning.

“Although there have been no cases of residents being bitten by the dogs so far, action should be taken by the local authorities before anything untoward happens,” he said.


A Kuala Lumpur City Hall spokesman said a team of dog catchers would be sent to the location.

“However, it would be better if the complainant could provide information on the location and time when the dogs would appear.

“The complainant could lodge an official complaint regarding the matter via the Integrated Public Agency Complaints Monitoring System (i-SPAAA) on our website, www.dbkl., or call our toll-free number at 1-800-88-3255.

“With that, we can send our men to observe before taking action,” he said.

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