Motorists claim a bus stop at Jalan Permata 22 is hindering traffic. PIC COURTESY OF READER

MOTORISTS want a bus stop to be relocated further down the road to prevent accidents in Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur.

The bus stop, boasting a local council logo, is now at the corner of Jalan Permata 22 leading to a narrow Persiaran Permata.

 Motorists claimed the buses stopping there only add to the congestion of Taman Permata, especially during peak hours.

Some residents are concerned that this could pose more danger to their school-going children.

 A resident, who only wants to be known as Linda, claimed the bus stop also blocked the view of motorists when they wanted to proceed to the main road.

“Persiaran Permata is a narrow road which is frequently congested during peak hours. This is a residential area but lunch hour has become a nightmare as all parents are also on their way to pick up their children from schools nearby. So, the junction gets jammed.

“Initially, the bus stop was further from the corner but since it was moved, buses stop in the middle of the traffic and block the road, hindering motorists from exiting Jalan Permata 22,” she said.

 Linda added that some irresponsible motorists also parked at the bus stop to pick up their children from a nearby day-care centre.  


A bus stop is meant for the comfort of would-be passengers, said Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).

The previous bus stop was merely indicated by a pole, so the hut offered shelter from the weather.

 “Checks by MPAJ had shown no views were blocked when exiting the road.

“However, we will be reviewing the area for safety measures,” said a council spokesman.

 “If a bus has to pick up a passenger at one of the designated stops, motorists are advised to be patient and let the passengers embark safely,” the spokesman added.

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