(File pix) The rusty electric pole at Taman Bukit Kajang.

A RUSTY electric pole in Jalan Jati Perak, Taman Bukit Kajang, in Kajang, is worrying the residents.

A resident, who prefers to be identified as Shuba, said the rusty pole could be hazardous to passers-by and joggers.

 “It is not only poses a danger but is also an eyesore.

“The pole  is not only rusty but is also tilting. It is only a matter of time before it falls.”

She added that the area was popular with joggers in the evening.

“There are quite a few old lamp posts in Taman Bukit Kajang that should be attended to.

“I also saw a few along Jalan Bukit, the road leading to the Kajang KTM station.

“The removal of the poles would provide more parking spaces in the vicinity,” she added.

She said she had contacted Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) on the matter but was told it was under the jurisdiction of the local council.


A Kajang Municipal Council spokesman said it had forwarded the matter to the relevant department.

“They (the department) will check the area and give their feedback soon.”

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