Motorists using the Kota Baru-Kuala Betis route in Gua Musang, Kelantan, should be more careful due to the danger of more landslides. PIC BY SHARIFAH MAHSINAH SYED ABDULLAH

MOTORISTS plying the Kota Baru-Kuala Betis route in Gua Musang, Kelantan, have urged the authorities to take immediate action to prevent more landslides in the area.

Mohd Saiful Kamaruzaman said the recent landslides and soil erosion had even caused some electric poles to topple over.

“This is dangerous to motorists, especially at night.

“I hope the authorities concerned will act swiftly to prevent any untoward incident,” said the 31-year-old from Kota Baru.


Gua Musang police chief Superintendent Mohd Taufik Maidin advised motorists to exercise more care when when passing through the affected area.

“It is possible that more landslides will occur due to the inclement weather.

“We urge motorists, especialy those driving heavy vehicles, to follow traffic rules and regulations.

“Slow down and observe the speed limit,” added Taufik.

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