Resident S. Musliadi Sabtu showing the damaged road near Felcra Rompin in Jempol. PIC BY ABNOR HAMIZAM

RESIDENTS have expressed concerns over a damaged road near Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Felcra) Rompin.

A resident, Zailani Zakaria, 50, said the 50m stretch had been damaged since December last year.

“This road links the main road to the entrance of the Felcra settlement.

“We hope it could be repaired soon for the safety of the community there.

“About 300 residents from the settlement ply the route every day.”

S. Musliadi Sabtu, 42, from Felda Palong Satu, said he used the road to get to Felcra Rompin daily.

“The damaged stretch poses a hazard. Motorists who are not aware of the road condition could meet with an accident.

“I hope the authorities would act swiftly to fix the problem.”


Jempol district Public Works Department engineer Rosdi Abu Bakar said the road was under the management of the Jempol district office.

“However, we have received instructions from the state government to repair the 50m damaged road.

“Repairs will be carried out once the cost is approved by the state government.”

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