Villagers in Kampung Putih, Kota Baru, are worried about this abandoned car. PIC BY MOHD SHAFUAN KHAIRI

VILLAGERS in Kampung Putih, Kota Baru, are worried about a car that has been abandoned in their area for months.

They are worried that the
car might become a mosquito-breeding ground or a pit for snakes.

Housewife Izzati Ali, 28, said she was afraid if snakes bred in the car as this would endanger her children.

“My children play near the car as it is in front of our house.”


Kota Baru Municipal Council secretary Nik Noor Nik Mohamed said it would send a team to investigate.

“It is not easy to tow away vehicles. If it is a stolen vehicle, the council cannot act immediately on it. There are procedures to follow.”

Nik Noor advised people not to abandon their unused vehicles anywhere they liked.

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