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The bus stop with a damaged roof at Kampung Telok Puteri in Pengkalan Chepa. Pic by Fakhrul Abid Mohamed Saifuddin

A BIG hole in the roof of a bus stop at Kampung Telok Puteri in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan, has aroused public concerns.

Student Fayyadh Amran Syakur, 21, said those waiting at the bus stop got wet when it rained.

“I am worried the structure or roof will collapse. It may cause serious injuries to people.”

Fayyadh Amran said he travelled from his home in Pengkalan Chepa to his campus in Kota Baru daily by bus. He hoped the authorities would repair the roof soon.


A spokesman for the Kota Baru Municipal Council said the roof of the bus stop was damaged during a downpour recently.

“We will sent our officers to check and repair the structure immediately.”

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