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Fave founder Joel Neoh was the recipient of the 2018 Asia's Top CEO Of The Year Award at the 2018 CEO Summit & Award Ceremony in Singapore recently. Picture courtesy of Fave.

KUALA LUMPUR: The founder of Fave, Joel Neoh, received the 2018 Asia's Top CEO Of The Year Award at the 2018 CEO Summit & Award Ceremony in Singapore recently.

The prestigious award honours prominent chief executive officers from Asia who have shown strong business and thought leadership, leveraged technology innovation for the greater good and expanded the business successfully across the region.

“At Fave, we believe in growth for the greater good. As one of the fastest growing companies in Southeast Asia (SEA), we want to keep contributing to our nation and be a true partner in Malaysia’s path of development and growth – it’s who we are,” said Neoh in a statement.

Previous award winners include Grab founder Anthony Tanand and One Championship founder Chatri Sityodtong.

On Nov 14, Neoh received the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2018’ award by SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards in recognition of his visionary leadership and source of inspiration to not only the Malaysian but global entrepreneurship community as a whole.

Fave, a home-grown brand founded in 2016, has helped middle-class Southeast Asian consumers save over RM600 million on daily necessities such as food and drinks, wellness experiences, leisure and travel.

“We started out in Kuala Lumpur just three years ago with a handful of passionate individuals, and have since expanded into a diverse team of over 300 people across 10 cities in Southeast Asia, with talent from over 18 countries.

"The average age of our team is 26 years old, and we strongly believe in empowering young people to work with consumers and businesses to help them grow and achieve their aspirations, and collectively, our country’s,” said Neoh.

In a statement, Fave said its efforts have helped small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) reap significant benefits.

"Just this year, over RM400 million revenue growth has been generated for tens of thousands of SMEs. Fave provides these businesses with the necessary technology and innovative solutions to grow effectively, serving a variety of sectors including food and beverage, wellness centers and retailers."

Fave also said it plans next year to to set up a multi-million dollar growth fund to further support the ambitions of local entrepreneurs and provide more growth opportunities for SMEs in Malaysia.

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