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Malaysia has come up tops as the ideal retirement destination in Asia in 2019, according to a new Retirement Index from International Living magazine. (Pic) Pulau Kapas. STR file pic/MOHD SYAFIQ RIDZUAN AMBAK

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia made its place among the Top 10 The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2019 according to the Annual Global Retirement Index undertaken by International Living magazine.

The article, which was also featured in Forbes, showed Malaysia is in the fifth position behind Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and Ecuador.

Among the advantages are English being the unofficial first language, making it easy to communicate, home rentals that cost a fraction as compared to US, cheap, easy and efficient public transportation and healthcare costs that are quite affordable.

In addition, the survey also showed Malaysia is a great base for exploring the rest of Asia, namely Thailand, Bali, Cambodia and Vietnam that are close by.

Further, the International Living article recommends Penang as preferred choice, where there are plenty of arts and culture, history and nature, beach and jungle.

It is also a state that has a wide choice for medical tourism.

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