Best Idea and Concept award recipient Izzah ‘Atiqah Roslan at the BOLD Maverick 2018 exhibition at White Box and Black Box in Publika, Solaris Damansara.

FINAL-year students from the Bachelor of Graphic Design (Hons) programme of the Faculty of Art and Design, UiTM Puncak Alam, recently organised a three-day event to showcase their artwork.

The event BOLD Maverick 2018, saw creative artwork presented by 113 students from four different specialisations — Graphic Design, Advertising, Multimedia and Illustration.

‘Career Exploration For Disabled’ analyses the potential values in career among people with disabilities and the results may help them join the Industrial Training and Rehabilitation Centre in Bangi.

UiTM Puncak Alam Faculty of Art and Design deputy dean (academic) Dr Rumadiah Anwar said: “For the showcase, each student had to study an issue that is happening around them.

“Students were required to come up with a communicative design that does not neglect the art of theories and facts, design and communication.The intention was to develop skills and knowledge among the students.”

“The BOLD Maverick 2018 exhibition is a living proof of our students’ boldness as it exhibits innovative and creative outcomes in four specialisations.” she added.

Students and visitors admiring the artwork at the BOLD Maverick 2018 exhibition. 5. Some of the artwork displayed at the BOLD Maverick 2018 exhibition.

BOLD Maverick project coordinator Jamizan Jalaluddin @ Mohd Rashid believed that the students are expanding their skills through their hard work, thus they are prepared to sustain the country’s desire for innovative and creative individuals.

“The enhancement of productivity, perseverance and competition will prepare the graduates for this industry, when they experience the professional and creative team-oriented working environment,” said Jamizan.

At the event, the Best Idea and Concept award went to Izzah ‘Atiqah Roslan with her artwork,

“To Shah Alam” — a project on city branding

that maintains the image of Shah Alam undergoing rapid development.

“It is essential to create a way to communicate the expected branding to the internal and external audiences, and their expectations of Shah Alam,” said Izzah.

Another student, Nur Atifah Syafiqah Salleh, who specialises in Advertising, presented #dontignore, an awareness campaign for Tenaga Nasional Bhd.

Students of UiTM Puncak Alam’s Faculty Art and Design during the Graphic Design Showcase 2018.

“This campaign aims to raise awareness

on the electrical safety of power sockets and cords.

“The consequences of overloading or damaging sockets and cords is emphasised in this campaign, especially to those who ignore the after-effects,” she said.

Wan Nadiera Syuhada Wan Mohd Zulkipli, who presented her artwork under “Corporate Identity”, said the songket pattern has been forgotten and is something that is considered to be out of date.

“So, I created a new product brand, which is a lifestyle product for young adults. The concept can give a traditional style a new appealing touch. It also aims to increase the appreciation of the songket pattern among young adults,” said Wan Nadiera.

Maverick means intellectuals, artists, individuals or a group of people who have their own sets of mind that is different from their associates. It also means something new, fresh and one of a kind. The use of “maverick” as the name of the showcase is indeed suitable, which displays the differences, creativity and innovations among the final-year students.

The word “maverick” also symbolises the students’ free and creative way of thinking in coming up with an idea and creating a work of art.

The students encountered a challenging academic journey throughout their final year, but each of them gained knowledge and experience from their lecturers and peers.

They have become a leading source for inspiration in creativity and innovation.

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