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TUNKU Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) has made a name for itself as a leading provider of professional business education in Malaysia.

Established in 1971 under the name School of Business Studies (SBS), TAR UC’s Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (FAFB) has not only proven itself to be the preferred choice for professional accounting programmes, but it has also established itself as a leading centre in the field of finance.

To provide a hands-on learning for finance students, TAR UC has set up the Investment Share Trading Room in FAFB.

Simulating a financial trading floor, the room enhances the effectiveness of classroom teaching with an interactive share trading experience for students to learn from and also to prepare for inter-varsity investment trading competitions.

This facility enables students from the Bachelor of Finance and Investment (Hons) and Bachelor of Banking and Finance (Hons) programmes to utilise it during their classes.

Law Ken Kiet using the simulation software during a practical session.

Through this, they are able to have hands-on experience on how shares are traded using live feeds of share prices from Bursa Malaysia. In addition, students learn the practical side of share trading, such as buy-sell spread, order type, price adjustments, liquidity, and commission.

The room caters for investment-related courses, such as Principles of Investment, Investment and Financial Analysis, Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management. With 32 terminals equipped with real-time share market simulator software, students can hone their skills and get industry-relevant exposure.

“The facility makes teaching more exciting as students show great enthusiasm in real-time trading experience. It has improved their learning experience,” said Finance Department Associate Dean Chai Ming Perng.

“The simulator is a great teaching tool since it can demonstrate market related terminologies using real-life examples.”

Law Ken Kiet was fortunate to be part of the pioneer batch of students to use this software during their lessons.

“This equips students with hands-on experience in stock market trading, rather than just relying on books. After using the software, I have some knowledge on basic stock indicators, such as moving average, Relative Strength Index and knowing how to study a technical chart,” he said.

“For me, coursework or practical lessons are far more important than the final exams. By incorporating this software into our syllabus, students can learn the process, and not just memorise and regurgitate information.”

Equipped with real-time share market simulator software, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on training on share market trading.

The third year Bachelor of Banking and Finance (Hons) student said the knowledge he gains from his programme would provide him with a solid foundation as he stepped out into the working world.

“Through the programme I am exposed to many aspects (of the industry) and this allows me to gain knowledge on different types of investment, financial management, how to set up an enterprise, taxation of income from business and investment.”

FAFB offers accounting, business and finance programmes at the diploma-, undergraduate- and postgraduate-levels. FAFB’s academic collaboration with Coventry University, United Kingdom, and Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom, offers dual award programmes to students which enable them to obtain two qualifications — one from TAR UC and another from TAR UC’s partner institution, which will enhance students’ career prospect.

For more information about programmes offered by FAFB, visit the campus on its Open Day on April 1 from 9am to 5pm at its Kuala Lumpur main campus sports complex, or any of its branch campuses nationwide.

Alternatively, visit Scholarships are available at TAR UC on the basis of academic merit and sibling discount for qualified students.

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