Unviersiti Teknologi Mara Faculty of Art and Design (Advertising) senior lecturer Fazlina Jaafar (standing, fourth from left) and photographer Tengku Mohd Hilmi Tengku Husni (sitting, right) with the members of the UiTM curation team, which will be competing in the 15th QS-Apple Creative Awards next month in Fukuoka, Japan.

AT the core of the Malay culture lies “budi” ― an intellectual concept of living values that promotes a balanced life and redefines humanity.

With this in mind, 19 curation team members of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) gathered to curate UiTM’s creative ads in conjunction with the 15th QS-Apple Creative Awards 2019 by introducing the concept of budi.

The competition will take place next month in Fukuoka, Japan.

QS-Apple is a prestigious annual event by QS Asia Rankings that brings together universities from across the Asia-Pacific and around the world to recognise the importance of creative and compelling designs in effective communication and brand building.

The curation team, which consists of UiTM’s academic and administration staff, students, as well as alumni, produced creative ads, including video advertisement, print advertisement and information booklet, for this year’s QS-Apple Creative Awards.

Themed “Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) and Ageing Societies: The Changing Roles of Universities in the Asia-Pacific”, the team highlighted the institution’s concern and readiness in facing the phenomena with its ads titled “Reconnect”.

Spearheaded by UiTM Institute of Quality and Knowledge Development (InQKA) in collaboration with UiTM Galeri Seni Tuanku Nur Zahirah, internal departments and alumni, the project was an initiative to enhance UiTM’s visibility globally.

UiTM Faculty of Art and Design (Advertising) senior lecturer Fazlina Jaafar said the era of data and technology had changed the way we managed and lived our lives.

“Slowly, we are forgetting the little things in life. Hence, with this project ‘Reconnect’, we want to highlight education as a pillar that will reconnect us with nature, people and spirituality with the inclusion of ‘budi’.

“The concept of ‘budi’ is something unique and reflects our culture very well. We might not notice the values of ‘budi’ in our daily lives, but it applies to everyone in the community,” said Fazlina, who had been involved in producing the creative ads for three years.

“The team, being from different backgrounds and fields of expertise, helped a lot in contributing to the process of completing this project. We wanted to gauge their experience and listen to what they think,” she said.

UiTM InQKA assistant vice-chancellor Professor Dr Roziah Mohd Janor said UiTM hoped to bring impact to the community.

“Developing a good personality is as important as education.

“We believe in shaping the personality of our students by embracing ‘budi’ as their foundation in life. By nurturing them with budi pekerti (courtesy), budi baik (kindness), budi bicara (tolerance) and budi penyayang (compassion), they will grow as budiman (wise and good-hearted individuals),” she said.

The team’s photographer, Tengku Mohd Hilmi Tengku Husni, said being involved in the competition had enabled him to enhance his photography skills.

“It was such an amazing opportunity to be able to work with the professionals ― lecturers and alumni to complete the project. It has allowed me to display the creative ads at an international level,” said Tengku Mohd Hilmi who is also a third year Creative Photomedia student.

“As I am graduating soon, I am glad because I can include this in my portfolio. I also received guidance from the lecturer and learnt how to work under pressure. The experience that I gained will definitely help me in my final year project,” he said.

In 2017, UiTM secured the Bronze Award with its theme “Be Spectacular, Be Bold, Be UiTM”. The same team won the Silver Award last year at the 14th QS-Apple in Seoul, South Korea, with the theme “Be the First, Be UiTM”.

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