Users can expand the Galaxy S10+ to 1.5TB storage via microSD card.

HOW much stuff can you store in a 1TB (terabyte) of storage?

1TB equates to about 85,899,345 pages of Word documents, about 17,000 hours of songs, about 500 hours of movies, or about 310,000 photos. Needless to say, it's not going to be easy to burn through that kind of storage. To the average user, it would probably feel like you have unlimited space.

That's how big the newly-launched Samsung Galaxy S10+ variant storage is, and users can expand it to 1.5TB with via microSD card.

This build of the S10+ easily tops the range in terms of price; at US$1,600, the model is just US$380 behind the Galaxy Fold, though it does manage to be about US$150 more expensive that the latest iPhone with the biggest storage capacity, the iPhone XS Max. Granted, this Apple handset only has 512GB of internal storage, so it's no wonder that the S10+ price climbs a bit considering that the capacity is nearly doubled -- tripled if you add a microSD card which adds only about US$15 to US$70 on top.

On the other hand, this smartphone costs as much as a MacBook Air with 512 GB of storage and 8GB of memory -- and that's not even the cheapest build. HP has a collection of notebooks with 1TB of storage, and not a single one reaches US$1,600. - Relaxnews