Correction: In BOTS (printed version) on Sept 23, 2019, the correct description for the photo should be as below. The error is regretted.

Starkey Hearing Technologies chief innovation officer Dr Dave Fabry (right) with education and training audiologist Judy Grobstein and managing director Manfred Stoifl (left) presenting the company’s latest hearing aid innovation, the Livio AI and the Thrive hearing app.

Livio AI is said to be “the world’s first multi-purpose hearing aid”, with features such as body and brain activity tracking, fall alert and detection, and Hearing Care Anywhere function.

Meanwhile, the Thrive app gives patient access to two main dashboards, one that focuses on body health and the second on brain health.

The body health aspect is tracked by the sensors in the hearing aid while the AI algorithms track the brain health.

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