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February has always been associated with love, thanks to Valentine’s Day. This year, whether you have a partner to celebrate V-Day with or just want to share the love with more people—like celebrating a Palentine’s or Galentine’s Day instead, there’s a way to put a twist to it without being cliché—Snapchat!

Here are some fun features available on the platform that allow you to celebrate the love season in a unique and authentic manner.

First on the list. Check out the “lovely” Lenses to kick off your Valentine’s theme day. What appears in everyone’s carousel varies.

Of course if you are adventurous, create your very own Lens using the Snap’s Lens Studio app.

The free desktop app is so easy to use; anyone can build AR Lenses. Here’s one example by Malaysia’s very own Snap Official Lens Creator (OLC), Eswaran Mohan called “Be My Valentine”.

p/s: When you use the Lens, raise your eyebrows to trigger the heart shaped-eyes. To personalise the experience further, you can also select a photo from your very own camera gallery to appear within the heart shaped-eyes.

Next, why not make special Palentine’s videos with the Cameo feature. The recently introduced feature makes it possible for you to put your face (and the friend you’re chatting with) in videos that express moods in the funniest ways. You can even personalise the text on the video.

Let’s keep the mood going. See your real-life partner-in-crime in an animated TV show with you on Bitmoji TV. The newly released fully animated short series by Snap Inc will let you watch your pal auditioning in a talent show; and in another, battle against a crew of robotic spider donkeys, together! All you need to do is subscribe to it and start enjoying the episodes!

Definitely not the least. The Bitmoji will always be there to help you express how you feel. There’s always one (or ten) digital avatar that’s suitable for any and every occasion!

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