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The lens turns the floor into a lava pit.
The lens turns the floor into a lava pit.
Snapchat has been using AR to give better experiences.
Snapchat has been using AR to give better experiences.

WEEKEND is here and it's time to get away from the mundane work stuff. If you're on Snapchat, there is a new lens feature that you can try to make your weekend social media shots the envy of others.

Snap Inc has released a new lens that can transform the ground on the Snapchat camera, turning it world into a lava pit or a serene body of water. 

This is done using augmented reality (AR) technology.

Remember in 2017, there was a game called "the floor is lava", which became a social media trend, received globally by millennials and Gen Z’s relieving their childhood days jumping around their house.

This AR experience is powered by machine learning models to understand the geometry and semantics of the world, creating an experience that changes your surroundings.

Snapchat has been using AR to give better experiences for users with its average Daily Active Users interacting with augmented reality nearly 30 times daily.

In 2017, the company introduced the world-facing Lenses as a way to add your own creativity to the world around you and express yourself with your friends.

Over the past two years, world Lenses have evolved from “placing” a character or object in the world seen through the Snapchat camera, to turning the sky into the sea or transforming the world’s most iconic landmarks - to enable users augment the space around them and learn about the world.

Besides that, Snap has also innovated and pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with a mobile camera - through Lenses powered by machine learning, such as the Baby and Time Machine Lenses. 

Ground segmentation Lenses are a natural evolution for Snap in understanding what the camera can see and helping Snapchat community share stories with their friends in ways that haven't been possible before.

Here's how to access lens: 

·Open Snapchat for iOS or Android 

·Tap the camera screen to open the Lens Carousel (Double tap the screen or tap the “switch” button in the upper right hand corner if you need to switch to world-facing view) 

·Swipe through the Lens Carousel to find “Floor is Water” and “Floor is Lava” Lenses 

·Tap or hold to capture the Snap!

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