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Use the right hair products to get the desired result. Photos by Nurul Shafina Jemenon.
Your hair will look healthier with the product than without it, says Lobosco.
Ecru New York’s range of products.
Eye-catching hairstyles seen at the brand’s product launch.

A brand makes its debut here, offering the best options for great hair, writes Meera Murugesan.

EVEN beautiful hair can be a letdown if you use the wrong hair product.

Keeping this in mind, Ecru New York, which made its debut here recently, has a range of products to target every individual’s unique hair needs or concerns.

The products combine skincare grade ingredients and have been crafted in partnership with a world renowned chemist. From shampoos, conditioners and hair oils to texture sprays, thickening balms and volumising formulations, all Ecru products take into account the fact that the health and beauty of hair needs to be maintained even with regular styling.

There are many brands which help with styling but the products tend to be very drying or weigh down hair, making it look flat and lifeless.

Ecru New York creative director Lisa Lobosco says because the brand creates and owns its formulas, it can dictate the ingredients which go into each product.

“That’s how we can be sure that we are using the best ingredients and our styling products care for your hair and improve texture. Your hair will look healthier with the product than without it,” says Lobosco.

There are also anti-humidity ingredients in many of these products which make them ideal for use in tropical weather. But Lobosco adds that even the best product, if used on the wrong head of hair won’t work, so consumers must be educated about how to choose products that best suit their hair needs.

She admits it’s easy for people to get overwhelmed when making choices because there’s an abundance of hair care and styling products in the market today.

Ecru, however, believes in keeping things simple but effective so its product range is not overly extensive. Many of its products are also multi-purpose formulations.

Lobosco says this means one doesn’t need 10 different products to achieve the desired look and since Ecru products tend to be very light in texture, they won’t weigh down hair even if consumers layer on or blend different formulations.

“Even our hair oils are so light you really can’t over use them. We believe caring for your hair and styling it should never be complicated.”

The brand has a specialised treatment and anti-ageing range for dry, damaged and stressed hair called Acacia and a range for curly hair called Curl Perfect which hydrates, improves and enhances naturally wavy or curly hair.

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