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Let Your Dreams Take Flight charm in sterling silver set on a necklace.
A horsehoe bracelet in gold.
A cute whale pendant.
A North Star bracelet in rose gold.

A new charm collection tells the story of the label’s founder, writes Kasmiah Mustapha.

WITH perfect designs, minimalist jewellery can be charming and exclusive. Minimal in size, these delicate and dainty items are popular among many.

Local accessories brand Minimalist Lab, which was set up in 2014, is sought-after for its minimalist charms.

Founder Nicole Chia views the charm as an emotional piece of jewellery, more than just an accessory. Pair it with bracelets or necklaces, and charms can also be meaningful gifts.


Recently, Minimalist Lab introduced the latest charm collection that illuminates Chia’s life. The Love, Nicole collection is also Chia’s way of sharing her experience with the brand’s followers as well as other aspiring young women.

Some of the messages contained in the charms reflect Chia’s lifestyle. She hopes this collection will inspire more people to wear Minimalist Lab, a brand that speaks of passion, love, and inspiration.

The 16 charms that come in bracelet and necklace forms are hand-picked by Chia as symbols of her journey, filled with positivity.

Each charm has its own meaning and value in Chia’s life experience and what she aspires to achieve. She personally chose the designs plated in silver, gold and rose gold to allow variations and to inject an element of being merry and joyful.

“The collection will allow women to be inspired by one another. In a nutshell, each design carries positivity and strength and an element of motivation and inspiration.

The Love, Nicole Collection can be purchased online at The collection starts from RM150.

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