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This Style 36 is the main colourway for this collection.
The more subdued Classic Slip-On features camo and black while another option features camo and zebra print with sidestripes.
Try out the Mismatch Pack from Vans for a different kind of footwear.

Up your streetwear game with a classic shoe model that characterises the skate culture, writes Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan.

Everything else in fashion is in high gear when it comes to customisation, yet we still wear identical and symmetrical shoes. One girl turns up at the toddler football class my son attends with mismatch shoes and her coaches say to her, “Nice shoes”.

It basically means she’s cool enough to make a call that most adults don’t dare.

Because each shoe is constructed differently, picking two shoes from your shoe rack isn’t a great idea because the imbalance it will create as you move. But let’s face it—mismatch shoes are cool and skateboarding brand Vans is telling its fans to embrace the difference with its recently-launched Mismatch Era collection.

The Vans Era was created in 1976. Made for skateboarders, they come with padded collar, two-tone colour options and waffle outsole for style and function required of the sport.

When one shoe blew out from riding, skateboarders from Dogtown could walk into the family-run Vans stores to replace one shoe with any colour of their choice, leaving with a mix and matched pair of the Vans Era.


I am no skateboarder but the idea of a pair of mismatch shoes intrigued me. Style 36 (RM299) is the perfect option to try this out because it has opposing laces.

On the left foot is camouflage print and light blue canvas with white lace, on the right is zebra print and pink canvas with blue lace. The pair looks so cool in the box but for the first few steps outside, I swear I could see, from the corner of my eye; camo, zebra, camo, zebra, camo, zebra as I walk to catch the bus to work.

I do not realise if anyone is looking at my footwear but I know I look different. The good thing is, my self-consciousness lasts no longer than five minutes and after that, I don’t even realise that my pair is odd compared to what other people are wearing.

I like the idea of wearing mismatched shoes. It might not be commercially viable, but imagine walking into a sneaker shop and deciding what you would like to wear on your left and right foot. It would make sneaker shopping more exciting.

The best part is, you don’t need styling tips for these shoes. If you can step out in mismatched footwear, you can carry any look you like and look great in it.


Today, the Era remains the choice for skaters, surfers and creatives worldwide with its versatile construction and unique material combination. By mixing and matching seasonal colours and prints on the left and right shoe of this classic silhouette, Vans brings to life the early days of Vans’ family-run business.

The Era leads the pack as the original mismatch form, blending blue canvas with camo on the left shoe and pink canvas and zebra print on the right. The Mismatch styling is also offered on the Classic Slip-On (RM259) which features a subdued take on the trend. The shoes are available at all Vans stores.

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