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COS made its mark in Malaysia in 2017 with its first store opening in Pavilion Elite. Three years after, the brand, loved for its loose cuts and muted colours--- I personally think it’s like a European version of Muji, albeit pricier—is opening its third Malaysian door in Suria KLCC.

Its once hugely-popular sister brand H&M doesn’t seem to be in the news these days, given that the younger generation has shun fast fashion amidst stories on wastage and unacceptable working environment, but Cos is enjoying a slow and steady growth.

The brand’s clothes are more durable. They last longer and are not trapped in trends. The London-based fashion brand is after all, known for its timeless, understated style.

The new store features minimal décor and curated custom furniture

Spread across two floors, the687m2 store features minimal décor and curated custom furniture, aligned with the brand’s commitment to functional design. The façade is formed of a combination of flat and curved glass panels, evoking a sense of open space and natural light.

The store opened with the Spring/Summer 2020collection which focuses on the exploration of interdisciplinary, utilitarian, practicality and deconstructed architectural references.

The collection introduces modernist garments developed by innovative materials and revisited texture and construction.

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