A glorious peacock-inspired ring.

SWAROVSKI invites women to indulge in their crystal fantasies and embark on a journey to discover their inner light in its Spring/Summer 2020 (SS20) collection.

The campaign focuses on the positive impact energy has on our lives and the relationships we consider precious.

The collection also highlights the transformative power of energy and how it sparks a woman’s creativity, confidence and brilliance.

The collection is full of energy.

Swarovski creative director Nathalie Colin says the collection celebrates the energy of love in all its forms.

“We want to show how Swarovski makes the world feel more delightful, surprising and magical than ever.”

This season’s offering showcases the brand’s signature creative spirit, with of-the-moment silhouettes featuring sparkling infinity symbols of love for Valentine’s Day, while floral motifs bring a touch of magic to Mother’s Day.

Spring exudes ethereal energy and in line with this, aquatic tones and sea-inspired designs are also included, pieces which can easily be layered and stacked.

Celebrate flower power through these blossom-inspired earrings.


The styles for summer dial up heat, energy and glamour with vibrant colours and bold, tropical forms embellished with intricate and eye-catching Swarovski crystals.

For Valentine’s Day, Swarovski reinterprets the infinity symbol of everlasting love in a brilliant new way, with shimmering embellishments and polished metal tones.

Floral motifs, meanwhile, shine brightly in the Eternal Flower and Swarovski Sparkling Dance jewellery designs.

The Swarovski Symbolic and Shell jewellery lines bring meaningful sparkle to everyday looks.

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