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IT’S always great to see brands incorporate ethical practices to promote the environment and it’s not a secret that Tumi has been on a mission to reduce its carbon footprint.

In 2018, the travel and lifestyle brand released a recycled capsule, offering bags made from 70 per cent recycled materials.

This year, Tumi continues its sustainability journey with its Spring 2020 collection.

One of the highlights is the Merge line, which offers luggage made from post-industrial recycled nylon and post-consumer PET (rPET) material.

All four-wheeled luggage come in black, navy and grey. Through the use of rPET fabric, Tumi will divert 214,000 plastic bottles from landfills on initial production order.

 The Harrison backpack.
The Harrison backpack.


The brand also relaunched its lightweight pieces from the 19 Degree Polycarbonate collection, exclusively available in Asia Pacific.

This collection draws inspiration from the 19 Degree Aluminium but carries added expansion capabilities, a USB power port and integrated TSA lock system.

Available in carry-on sizes, the suitcases are wrapped in a reflective film that reflects light as the bag moves.

Men and women are treated to a range of everyday bags too. For women, the Devoe and Voyageur collections feature modern, utilitarian designs crafted in lightweight fabric features backpacks, totes, crossbody and sling bags.

The Meadow Backpack from the Devoe collection is perfect fit for a 15-inch laptop, while the Gem Crossbody is a chic and expandable on-the-go bag for errands.

The Merge collection from Tumi's Spring 2020 line-up.
The Merge collection from Tumi's Spring 2020 line-up.


While this collection comes in black and navy, Voyageur’s Dori Backpack carries floral designs if you fancy a pop of colour.

Another bag from Voyageur is the Tula Crossbody, a compact, hands-free bag that features a sleek style and modern functionality.

The Harrison collection for men reflects the collection’s original inspiration of modern, timeless style.

There are backpacks, crossbody and slings. A nod for the minimalist due to its plain design, the colours are navy, black, reflective iron and algae mesh.

Other collections include the street-inspired Tahoe, which features backpacks in prints and plain designs, as well as Alpha Bravo, inspired by the military.

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