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ON Monday, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin issued a Movement Control Order (MCO) nationwide, leaving many working from home to combat the rapid spread of Covid-19.

With the exception of getting medical help or making necessary grocery runs, authorities have urged all citizens to be responsible, do our part and #stayathome to prevent the spread of the virus.

Undeniably, our daily routine has changed in the wake of this development.

Going out as we please and meeting friends are restricted (temporarily) so this means less physical contact in the community and more work and activities done at home.

As we adjust to this new normal until the end of the month (hopefully), the time spent at home “forces” us to find creative ways to keep ourselves busy, besides work. All over social media, we are fed with posts on how people cope with the self-isolation.

Grand Slam champion Serena Williams shared on Instagram how she spent her time at home. “Spending the next 6 weeks in solitude. Being a wife. Being a mom. Cooking. Cleaning. Spring cleaning. Face mask. Make-up tutorials. I’ll let you know how it goes… stay safe everyone. This is serious.”

As we wait for things to get better, here are a few things you can do at home.


If you’re into home remedies, this is the perfect time to read up on natural beauty tips and remedies to improve your skin at the comfort of your home.

With the MCO, this means we are less exposed to the sun and air pollution — which is a good thing — but it doesn’t mean our skincare routine should be abandoned.

Experiment with different natural ingredients to see what works best. You might discover amazing benefits that these ingredients offer.

As opposed to on-the-go beauty routines we are accustomed to due to our busy lifestyle, take time to do this.

Most importantly, stay hydrated. If home remedies aren’t your thing, treat your skin to a facial sheet or clay mask.

Something else you can do during your spare time is to watch make-up tutorials to learn or improve your make-up skill. Find a tutorial on a technique or look that you’ve been wanting to explore and give it a go.

Make-up artist Lucy Cook as Britney Spears. Photo from @makeupmetamorphos
Make-up artist Lucy Cook as Britney Spears. Photo from @makeupmetamorphos


If you’re lazy and just want to be entertained, check out social media accounts that offer amazing make-up transformation.

For example, a mother named Lucy Cook behind the account @makeupmetamorphos has garnered massive views for her incredible make-up transformation.

She’s amazingly talented and she’s able turn herself into any character. Some of my favourite looks are Britney Spears, Shrek, Cruella de Vil and The Mask.

Another make-up artist, Charlotte Roberts (@charlotteroberts), is only 16 but her skills is mind-blowing. She recently went viral thanks to a video of transforming herself into popular actor Timothee Chalamet.

But that wasn’t the only impressive make-up transformation she did. The talented youngster also recreated looks from movies like Black Swan and Mean Girls.


Organising and decluttering your make-up products, skincare and toiletries may take longer than expected because you’ll find yourself debating over how many lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes you want to throw out.

But let’s get real — it’s not a good habit to hoard cosmetic products, what more the ones that have expired.

Follow what Marie Kondo says — if it doesn’t spark joy, then throw it away. If your mascara or eyeliner has dried up, into the dustbin it goes.

Be honest about what still works for you. Learn about the shelf life of your beauty products and from there, determine if it should still be sitting on your vanity desk or not. While you’re at it, clean those make-up brushes too.

Be creative and scout the Internet for some chic organising ideas to store your beauty products. Some may suggest storing make-up brushes and eyeliners in mugs or old candle jars while others will include the use a mail file to store make-up palettes. Getting ready is much easier when all your products are neatly organised.

Use the time you have to organise your cosmetic products.
Use the time you have to organise your cosmetic products.


Going to the salon to get a haircut or to get your nails done is simply not an option right now so it’s time to master doing your own manicure game. As long as you have the required items, you’re all set. Start off by cleaning your nails with a good nail polish remover to get rid of any dirt or polish. Wash your hands with soap and water after that.

Then, clip your nails if necessary before you file and buff them. You can also exfoliate your hands to eliminate dead skin cells and moisturise it. If all you want is buffed nails, then that’s basically it. But if you want to paint your nails, have your nail polishes on standby and start painting!

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