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Noraniza Idris at the recording of RTM’s ‘Ole Ole Raya’ at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre recently. Pic by FARIZ ISWADI ISMAIL

“GOD willing, if everything goes as planned, I will not sing anymore by next year,” said award-winning singer Noraniza Idris.

The 48-year-old artiste is synonymous with pop ethnic music, an amalgam of traditional Malay tunes with Anglo-American pop music, otherwise known as Irama Malaysia.

She said she would shift her focus to working behind the scenes.

This, she said, meant dabbling in producing Islamic and charity programmes with a focus on culture and developing human capital, especially among youth.

“I’ve only made this decision recently as I figured it was about time I made way for fresher and younger singers to contribute to the music scene.

“My time has passed and
I’m leaving the bright lights
of showbiz,” she said with a smile.

Noraniza, who is planning to go for her umrah at the end of the year, also expressed her frustrations that her genre was no longer a favourite among listeners.

“It is not in trend anymore. Just like that Malay saying ‘goreng pisang panas’.

“People will only snap them
up when they are hot, and
ignore them as soon as they turn cold.

“It is difficult to keep on championing this genre when there is only a small group of fans who appreciate and enjoy it,” she said after the recording of RTM’s Ole Ole Raya at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre

At the event, she launched her special Hari Raya album, Ria Aidilfitri.

The album contains 22 tracks and features artistes under the Noraniza Idris Production Ventures (NIPV) umbrella.

They are Mimi Fly (of One Nation Emcee), Ihab Ismail, Fee Haiqal, L’zzay, Dalili Amerda, Fadzlee Sufri, Azmir Arif and Royce Sa’ayan.

“We digitally released the album during Hari Raya last year, but only put it out in its physical form this year.

“In between songs, listeners will find short sketches of audio drama filled with positive
messages.” By Tahir Alhamzah

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