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(File pix) Veteran actor Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan will marry Rapidah Abd Ghani, 44 on Sunday.

KUALA LUMPUR: Veteran actor Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan is set to have a stress-free wedding on Sunday with the inclusion of a massage chair as part of his ‘hantaran’ (wedding gifts) to his wife-to-be.

Jalaluddin, 63, said that the unique gift was for the use of his soon-to-be wife, Rapidah Abd Ghani, 44, in order for her to relieve her tiredness while at home.

"My side will present five dulang hantaran (dowry trays) including the massage chair, while the woman’s side will reciprocate with seven trays.”

"I think she’ll appreciate the special seat since she does a lot of work at home. With this device, it’ll be easy for her to relax and unwind,” he said in a recent news report. He added that the massage chair cost RM20,000.

The solemnisation ceremony between Jalaluddin and Rapidah, a single mother, is expected to take place on Sunday at Masjid Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.

The actor in the drama series Isteri-Isteri Ayah added that the momentous occasion would be held in a moderate fashion as it would be his second marriage.

“I won’t have a ‘bersanding’ session this time around, only what is compulsory, which is the ‘nikah’ (solemnisation) in the mosque. It is my intention to do it in a simple manner,” said the widower.

Jalaluddin was also planning to visit the grave site of his late wife on the morning before the solemnisation ceremony.

On the preparations for the upcoming nuptials, he said that everything was coming along smoothly and that it was being handled by his children.

“It’s a simple event and I have left it to them to organise everything, including the ‘hantar an’,” he said.

It was reported early last month that Jalaluddin was in the process of getting to know a 44-year-old single mother via Facebook.

Prior to this, he was married to Datin Hashimah Mad Ehsan for 40 years before she succumbed, on Nov 5 last year, to a series of complications that included diabetes and lungs filled with fluid.

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