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(File pix) South Korean superstar G-Dragon’s fans spend millions on items related to him.

KUALA LUMPUR: South Korean superstar G-Dragon’s influence in China is no joke, judging by how his fans spend millions on items related to him.

According to a news report by Koreaboo, last year alone, they had purchased his merchandise and clothing items worth at least RM151,248,530 (247 million yuan).

The amount was reportedly based on a chart that showed how much fans had spent on specific celebrity-related items on Taobao, one of China’s largest online shopping malls.

Apparently Taobao purchases are a big indicator of a celebrity’s popularity in China.

In the ranking, G-Dragon came in fourth and was the only foreigner while others on the list were Chinese stars.

The purchased items mostly come from the singer, rapper and music producer’s own pricey yet hot-selling clothing line PeaceMinusOne.

Further proving his popularity is when he had collaborated with the South Korean apparel brand, 8 Seconds, in 2016 on special merchandise that had Chinese tourists flocking to its store in Seoul.

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