KOTA KINABALU: A Selangor-born doctor of Indian descent has wowed Malaysian netizens after a video of him singing a Dusun song here went viral recently.

Dr Praveen Abraham from Petaling Jaya has become a sensation on social media, where users have expressed how impressed they are with his ability to perform a song in the native Sabah language.

The 36-year-old doctor at the Klinik Kesihatan Manggatal is fluent in Dusun, and said that many non-Sabahans were hearing the traditional song he sang for the first time ever.

Praveen’s performance was captured on video on Jan 27 when he attended a friend's wedding reception at Kampung Inobong in Penampang.

"I sang a song entitled 'Id Pagandadan', originally performed by Fabian William.

“I wasn't aware someone was taking a video of me singing.

"I only realised (that the) video had gone viral a week ago. I got a lot of phone calls and text messages from my friends and family," he told NSTP when met.

Although shocked about the video going viral, Praveen is also happy that it has received positive feedback from the public.

"There are also those who said I had only memorised the lyrics. Although I am Indian, I do know how to speak the language," he said with a smile.

Elaborating on the song, Praveen said 'Id Pagandadan', which means ‘Waiting,’ is very dear to him, as it speaks about his past.

His other favourite Dusun songs are 'Kosorou Kopo Nangku Doho' (Do You Still Remember Me?) by Jestie Alexius; and 'Anawau Ulan' (The Moon Is Bright) by Mary Intiang.

Praveen, who graduated as a surgeon from Edinburgh, Scotland, was a former neurologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here.

Pravin – who is single – considers Sabah his home after he began serving in the state in 2006.

His love for Sabah encompasses its beautiful natural wonders and friendly people and their unique languages.

Praveen said he has a foster mother from Kampung Kuyungan in rural Tambunan district, and that he began learning the Dusun language in 2011.

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Dr Praveen Abraham wowed Malaysian netizens after a video of him singing a Dusun song here went viral recently. Pix by Khairull Azry Bidin

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