(File pix) Award-winning actor Datuk Rosyam Nor. Pix by Nurul Syazana Rose Razman

KUALA LUMPUR: Award-winning actor Datuk Rosyam Nor is not at all bothered by calls from certain quarters to boycott his new supermarket.

In a news report yesterday, the 51-year-old star of KL Special Force said that those who called for the snub had “nothing else better to do”.

Despite the negative statement towards his business venture, Rosyam added that the establishment in Setiawangsa, which started operations on June 1, had been carrying on well.

“Praise God, I’ve really been blessed during this holy month of Ramadan. Although some people have tried to boycott my 24-hour store, it has seen lots of people and customers, even though I haven’t officially launched it yet,” he said.

The call for a boycott is believed to have stemmed from the senior actor’s political inclinations.

Whatever the case, the star of Castello expresses his gratitude towards those who have given his new business a chance and shown support for it.

“Thank you very much for your support. I feel it’s (the negativity and boycott issue) just a minor setback. Malay Muslims don’t behave like that, only those with a lack of character and morals would resort to that instead,” he said.

The store, which is touted to sell goods at wholesale prices, is expected to be officially launched after Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The actor also revealed that there would be pleasant surprises for customers who visit his new supermarket, called ST Rosyam Mart.

“After Raya we’ll be having a promotion to sell chicken at a cheap price of 88sen each,” he said.

Rosyam explained that the idea to open a supermarket that sells various groceries and daily necessities came about two years ago.

“My intention was to lessen the burden of the everyday Malaysian who has to contend with the rising prices of goods. At ST Rosyam Mart, I promise the things that are sold here are the cheapest in the market.”