Troubled singer Haqiem Rusli got a confidence boost recently when his favourite actress and TV personality, Neelofa, tweeted a special message of encouragement to him. File pix

KUALA LUMPUR: Troubled singer Haqiem Rusli may yet change his mind to stay in the music industry, now that his favourite actress and TV personality is right behind him.

Last Thursday, actress, TV host and entrepreneur Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor tweeted a special message to Haqiem, which read: “Don’t give up Haqiem. Many people love and support you!”

Haqiem immediately retweeted Neelofa’s message and replied: “Thank you, Neelofa!”

Netizens roundly agreed with Neelofa that Haqiem should “fight on” and make a strong comeback as a singer and composer.

“Look Haqiem, even your idol gives you support and encouragement. You can do it, you are not alone!” said an anonymous Netizen.

Another said: “I’m sure you’re smiling now, Haqiem! So many artistes support you, including Neelofa!”

Even popular actor Syafiq Kyle retweeted Neelofa’s words of encouragement to Haqiem.

Neelofa’s moral support of Haqiem came shortly after hip-hop singer Caprice and Haqiem’s close friend, Sufian Suhaimi, encouraged him to keep singing, as he was gifted and popular.

Singer and songwriter Sufian, 26, said Haqiem was not one who would give up easily, and believed he “would be back”.

He admitted that Haqiem was feeling down at the moment but it “won’t deter him from bouncing back”.

Caprice, whose real name is Ariz Ramli, uploaded an Instagram video calling on Haqiem to “fight” depression, and ignore all naysayers and cyber-bullies who had expressed negativity on his singing career.

Haqiem, 20, recently shocked fans with news that he might be quitting his singing career.

He took to Instagram last week to state his unexpected intention and that he would make a final decision on the matter next month.

The pop, ballad and R&B singer-songwriter admitted that he was “going through spells of depression” since early this year.

Haqiem started his career at 10 after competing in the singing contest Idola Kecil in 2008, where he emerged second runner-up.

His single “Tergantung Sepi” has racked up over 26.5 million views on YouTube.

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