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(File pix) Singer and songwriter Akim Ahmad (centre). Pix by Mohd Asri Saifuddin Mamat
(File pix) Singer and songwriter Akim Ahmad (centre). Pix by Mohd Asri Saifuddin Mamat

KUALA LUMPUR: Losing a loved one is painful, especially so if she is your mother.

This is exactly how singer and songwriter Akim Ahmad feels since his mother Aminah Bahari, 54, died of an illness on May 5.

He has been in silent grief since then, and to heal the pain inside, he has co-composed a new single Rampas for his band Akim And The Majistret.

“Rampas is a song about pain and loss, all of my heartfelt emotions poured into the song specially dedicated to my mother who had always been my No. 1 fan,” said Akim in a news report today.

However, the song ends on a positive note, reflecting Akim’s ability to cope with his loss and move on, keeping the memory of his mother deep in his heart.

“I’ve come to terms with my mother’s loss, by chanelling my creative energy into Rampas. Creating and singing this new song in the studio has been one self-healing process.”

Akim explained that Rampas had emotional lyrics and a power-packed rock sound along the lines of the band’s previous hits Potret and Mewangi.

“It’s got a bit of a retro sound, it’s like rock music from the 1990s, the heydays of homegrown rock,” he said.

Akim and his bandmate Zimi Zahari co-composed Rampas last month, with lyrics by Akim’s wife and fellow singer Stacy Anam.

The song launched on Sept 7 is produced by Akim’s and Stacy’s company Rhythm And Rhyme Entertainment, and distributed by Nova Music Malaysia.

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