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(File pix) TV host Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor. Pix by Mohd Khairul Helmy Mohd Din
(File pix) TV host Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor. Pix by Mohd Khairul Helmy Mohd Din

KUALA LUMPUR: While some Malaysian Netizens often find fault with her fashion and style, Europe however has opened its arms wide for Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor.

The popular TV host, actress and entrepreneur who promotes Muslimah fashion has caught the eye of two international agencies in the United Kingdom and France.

And they have offered to manage her.

Neelofa in a news report yesterday said that she would be heading to London and Paris next month to ink the contracts with both agencies.

Describing the move as the key to promoting her brand of fashion and beauty products in Western Europe, the 29-year-old said: “The agencies will assist me all the way, seeking opportunities to penetrate the European and UK markets. However, our partnership does not involve hosting and acting on my part.”

Neelofa has however chosen not to reveal the agencies’ names for the time being. “Let us ink the agreements first,” she said at the launch of her latest product, the Lofarbag Mini handbag which she inspired with the cooperation of Sometime by Asian Designers and Zalora.

When asked about her recent contract with IMG Models of the United States, Neelofa also declined to reveal the details.

“We’re still in the discussion stage now,” she said.

Neelofa said making partnerships with foreign agencies and companies were her way of moving forward and proving critics wrong.

“It’s always good to move ahead and take positive steps to better my career. I put all negative comments and thoughts behind me.”

She said she would continue to be bold in experimenting with fashion, and strive to make her mark internationally.

Last September, Neelofa attended the Paris Fashion Week 2018 to highlight Muslimah fashion.

The 29-year-old celebrity said that it was her dream to take on the international market through her own brand Naelofar Hijab which promotes Muslimah fashion.

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