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Datuk Aaron Aziz (NSTP/File pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Action hero Datuk Aaron Aziz has called on donors duped by a scam involving a dead baby to “tell the police”.

The KL Gangster star said it was most unfortunate that such a scam appeared on the Facebook page of the Malaysian United Cancer Association.

“I’m always careful when it comes to sharing useful information with Netizens, but this is downright mean, soliciting funds by using the photo of a baby who died,” said Aaron in a news report today.

Aaron said he was shocked and saddened to see how nasty certain people could be.

“To all Netizens who have donated to this false campaign, please report it to the police. Action must be taken against fraudsters who take advantage of our kindness and compassion.”

Aaron said all Malaysians should ensure that the culprits are exposed and caught.

“On my part, I’ve made a report at the Section 9 police station in Shah Alam.”

He revealed that he made a small donation to the account listed on the Facebook page, but early this morning he was informed by a concerned citizen that the donation drive was a scam.

“As soon as I learnt about this, I took down my Facebook post supporting the donation drive and told the police.”

The “campaign” made use of a baby named Derek Cantor who was born in November 2016 but succumbed to cancer in April 2017.

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