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Nourish’s Instagram post

KUALA LUMPUR: Rocker Suhaimi Abdul Rahman or Amy of Search has been happily married to Norhasniza Hassan for 16 years, and they always count their blessings.

In a recent Instagram post, Norhasniza or Nourish, 38, wrote that when they tied the knot back in 2003, they did not have a car, and they stayed in a rented house. But they were happy with their simple life for Amy, 60, is a man of simple tastes, and Nourish was at home with this.

Nourish said: “We must be thankful for what we have - work, good pay, a loving spouse and children, that we are able to have a car and eat good food, shop, and travel. What more do we want? Complaining won’t solve anything.

“When I look back 16 years ago, the day we married, we had it very simple - mas kahwin and a ring, plus the presence of family and close friends. We didn’t even have a car then and only rented a home, but we were happy.

“Later, when Alexander came, we bought a Kia Spectra and later upgraded it to an Alphard. God takes some things from us, but He rewards us with other things.

“Back then, we ate mainly asam pedas and salted fish and drank coffee. Simple food but we love it.

“I didn’t marry Amy because he was rich. People don’t know about him, he’s got simple tastes and he’s always cool. People think I control his money, that’s where they’re wrong.

“Thank you sayang for your love and patience. We have made it this far and built our own paradise.

“Amy is always so humble, I’ve never felt that I’m married to a rock star.

“To all Netizens, hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. And for newlyweds, don’t expect wealth to come fast, work hard and leave the rest to God.”

Netizens were moved by Nourish’s post, and wished her and Amy all the best in life and work.

“My late father met Amy a few times. A very nice and kind man. Wishing both of you all the best,” said Aura.

“May you both be blessed. I salute you as a good and devoted wife,” said Indah.

“A moving story. You both inspire me. Salute,” said Mazita.

“When I got married, we had a simple dinner and ceremony. My husband and I faced a lot of hardship, but we persevered and our love grew stronger. We are happy and healthy, that’s the most important thing for us,” said Hani.

Nourish and Amy have three children, Alexander Zulkarnain, 15, Sania Samara, 14, and Qaqa At-Tameemi, 10.

Nourish is the elder sister of singer-actress Khatijah Hassan of Mentor 2.

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