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Kang Daniel (Picture from Soompi)

KUALA LUMPUR: Following yesterday’s confirmation that former Wanna One singer Kang Daniel and Twice member Jihyo were currently dating by their respective agencies, the fresh-faced 22-year-old has expressed his thoughts shortly after.

According to Soompi, the idol and former winner of Produce 101: Season 2 shared a letter on his official website.

Part of the long composition read: “First of all, I’m really sorry to everyone who may have been very surprised when they saw the sudden news this morning.”

“I’m very sorry because I couldn’t say it beforehand. Truly a lot happened before I was able to stand on my own now. There were some really tiring times, but what helped me then were my fans, rather than anything else. I want to tell you this.”

He added: “Even during the pain of the long period of no engagements when you couldn’t see me and during the times that were difficult due to the speculative talk with malicious intent, you only looked at me.”

“You endured a lot for me and hid your frustration, and you held cafe events full of my photos and put messages of support at subway stations, and I really thank you for that love and support that made me able to stand up again.”

“I gained an immeasurable amount of comfort and hope from all of you when I went to the cafes or subway stations and I saw your love with my own eyes, or when you set such surprising records that I couldn’t even have imagined them when I was working on the album,” said Kang, who released his solo debut EP, Color On Me, late last month.

Earlier this year, the idol set a new record on Guinness World Records for the “Fastest time to gain one million followers on Instagram", after setting up an account on New Year's Day, beating previous record holders like Pope Francis and David Beckham.

Kang further said: “I want to take care of the hearts of those fans and it’s both my role to try to do that and what I want to do. In order to carry out that role, I will become singer Kang Daniel who always shows you a good image, which I’ve always considered to be the most important thing.”

“I’ve received so much from fans and I feel grateful. I’ll try to return more than that in the future. Tomorrow, I’ll become Kang Daniel who is better than today. I really, really thank you for being together with me.”

Korean idols generally do not publicly reveal their relationship status due to the fact that they may lose fans and instigate hate in the process.

Agencies also tend to keep a tight reign on their artistes in this regard and avoid any casual announcements. Idols are expected to foster a good image of themselves and squeaky clean reputations.

Kang’s fans took to social media to show their support. One fan wrote: “He has ability to deny the news but he didn’t. That shows how he really loves his fans and at the same time he loves Jihyo too. He doesn’t want to cheat his fans. He may lose some fans and popularity at the same time but he really took the risk and admitted his feelings.”

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