Haneesya Hanee

KUALA LUMPUR: Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 32 (ABPBH 32) Popular New Female Artiste Haneesya Hanee has regretted that the company which shot photographs of her wearing a red headscarf allowed her "full body" shots to appear on social media.

The 19-year-old model and actress whose real name is Sharifah Haneesya Sayed Sahlan said the "full body" photos, which showed her wearing a short skirt together with the headscarf were "not meant to be circulated".

In a news report today, Haneesya said that she had requested for "close-up" shots of her wearing the headscarf, and the organisers of the photo shoot had agreed with her.

“Those photos were not supposed to be leaked. I'm not ignorant of religious obligations, and far from it I have no intention of insulting the religious sensitivities of fellow Muslims. The organisers of the shoot told me that they would only shoot close-ups of me in the headscarf," she said.

Unfortunately, the "full body" photos were shared in social media and Haneesya came under fire from some Netizens who accused her of "disrespecting" modest Islamic fashion and hurting the feelings of pious Muslims by wearing her red headscarf together with a thigh-length skirt.

Haneesya said she was not at fault because she did not upload the "full body" photos of herself on social media and did her best to ensure that they were not circulated.

“I did my utmost to make sure that the photos didn't make it to social media. I've always felt that the photos were inappropriate for sharing with fans."

Haneesya also said that the close-up photos of her were meant to show that headscarves were versatile and stylish fashion statements, and that they need not be worn "old school" style.

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