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Sulli (Picture from Koreaboo)
Sulli (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: The preliminary autopsy results for Sulli, the former member of K-Pop girl group f(x) who tragically died recently, has been released.

According to Soompi, the Seongnam Sujeong Police Station has announced that, “No suspicions of homicide, such as external forces or pressure, were discovered as a result of the preliminary autopsy.”

The autopsy was conducted early this morning. Although further details such as drug results have yet to be revealed, the police plan on closing the investigation soon with no charges.

A previous report from Koreaboo had revealed that the Seongnam Sujeong Police Station had confirmed that Sulli, 25, had died due to suicide.

She was found dead in her home around in the afternoon last Monday. A police official stated that Sulli had been suffering from severe depression, although no details have been confirmed by Sulli’s family or her agency SM Entertainment.

Koreaboo reported yesterday that SM Entertainment had released a statement regarding Sulli's funeral. It read: "Sulli’s family has suffered a sudden deep sadness and wish to have a quiet funeral. We will be keeping all the information about the funeral procedures and causes private from the press. The family members also don’t want the funeral visitors to be interviewed. We ask that you respect their wishes so that Sulli’s send-off can remain beautiful."

Meanwhile, Soompi also reported that the Korea Entertainment Management Association had promised to take stern action against malicious commenters in the wake of Sulli's passing.

In a lengthy and stern statement, the organisation revealed that it would take drastic measures to eradicate cyber violence to protect employees and artistes in the industry from being hurt. Part of it read: "We will take the spreading of rumours and malicious comments and the crimes of the commenters very seriously, and we will no longer overlook these issues."

It added: "Regarding cyber terrorism, we will not stop because of apologies or expressions of reflection. Instead, we will root out malicious commenters, and we will make requests and petitions to investigative bodies and to the government so that the commenters can be strictly punished. Nothing will be forgiven, and strong action will be taken. Once again, we will be taking strong legal action on all fronts against malicious comments directed at pop culture business professionals and artistes."

In another news report from Soompi, media outlet World Today revealed that a bill referred to as the “Sulli Act” has been proposed by lawmakers to counter malicious comments.

Apparently, the bill was proposed by nine members of the National Assembly. Those supporting the bill include about 100 organisations such as the Global Culture & Art Solidarity, Federation of Korean Trade Unions and Korean Government Employee’s Union, as well as 200 or so celebrities who either have experienced receiving malicious comments or were colleagues with Sulli.

The bill will officially be brought to the table on the 49th day of Sulli’s passing, in early December, at the National Assembly’s Memorial Hall.

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